Principal's Message

Doug Forsgren

Douglas Forsgren
(801) 402-2350

We have had a great beginning of the year. I feel like our school was more prepared this year than ever before to provide quality instruction as well as meet the social and emotional needs of our students. Part of what we are working on it developing a "Growth Mindset".  We would love to have you support us at home as well. 

As a result of many conversations amongst faculty and staff, we feel we need to boost our efforts in providing instruction and support with the social, emotional, and behavioral needs. We recognize that many of our students need more support in these areas than some. Thanks to additional resources provided by the State of Utah and Davis School District we feel like we have plan in place to meet these needs and teach the necessary skills. We are excited to see this plan in action. I hope you will join with us in making Hill Field Elementary a kind and respectful school.

Our school district will be going through a accreditation process.  Davis School District is unique in the state of Utah because we choose to do this process for every school. Typically, secondary schools and Title I schools are accredited.  Through the accreditation process, we assure parents and the community we are committed to increasing student achievement, providing a safe and enriching learning environment, and running an efficient operation.

Thank you for all you do!  Please join our PTA and know that you are welcome and encouraged to be at our school to volunteer.  Together we can tap into the potential inside each of our kids.