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Library Hours:
8:45-3:45 Mon.-Thurs.
8:45-1:45 - Friday            

School Library Mission Statement

In our library at Hill Field Elementary we strive to create  an atmosphere where students feel empowered to become independendent, effective information seekers.  We support curriculum in order to promote lifelong learners who love reading for both information and pleasure.

 Upcoming Events

Book Battles: Hill Field Elementary will be participating in Davis Book Battles again this school year. Check under the Book Battles tab for a list of this year's books. When students have read one of the books and have filled out a book battle paper (signed by their parents) they will receive a lanyard and pin. If they read all 15 books, they will receive a special pin and reward for reading all of the book battle books. Happy Reading!

November in the Library: 

Nov. 6-10: (All Classes) Veteran's Day Stories and Activities

Nov. 13-17: (All Classes) Fall/Thanksgiving (Being Thankful)

Nov. 20-21: (All Classes) Fall/Thanksgiving (Being Thankful)

Nov. 22-24: Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 17: Book Battle Meeting

Nov. 27-Dec. 1   4-6th Grades: What is your Genre Personality?

K-3: Start of Christmas Around the World 



Parental Restriction of Individual Student Access

The librarian and the School Committee strive to have a library collection that all students and parents consider appropriate. Nevertheless, the District recognizes the right of parents under state law and District Policy 11IR-107 Recognizing Constitutional Freedoms in Public Schools, to restrict their child’s access to materials the parent deems inappropriate. However, parents do not have the right to make that determination on behalf of other parents and students.

A parent desiring to restrict their own child’s access to specific library materials shall submit the request in writing (or via email) to the Librarian at the school their child is currently attending. If the material is a required part of classroom curriculum activities, the parent must follow the procedures for waiving contained in:

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March 2, 2018

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